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International Programs

Programs offered to international students


Currently, the school of Internet of Things Engineering offers the following programs to international students.


Doctoral program: 

Control Science and Engineering (covering five second-level disciplines doctor stations in control theory and control engineering, detection technology and automation devices, systems engineering, pattern recognition and intelligent systems, and Internet of Things technology and engineering).

Master's degree programs:

1) Computer science and technology (covering three second-level master programs including computer system architecture, computer software and theory, and computer application technology);

2) Electrical engineering (covering five second-level master programs including motors and electrical appliances, power systems and automation, high voltage and insulation technologies, power electronics and power transmission, electrical engineering theory and new technology).


Computer Science and Technology 

This discipline aims at developing students who have overall development in ethics, intelligence, and physical health, and good scientific literacy, and comprehensive capabilities in humanities, social sciences, and foreign languages. In addition, the students shall master the basic knowledge of mathematics and science, basic theory, basic knowledge, and basic skills and basic methods related to computers, internet, and information systems. They shall be equipped with strong professionalism, comprehensive quality, teamwork ability, sustainable development ability, and international perspective to some extent. In all, the students in this discipline shall be integrated professionals who are competent in computer science research, computer system design, development and application, etc.

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