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About us

School of Internet of Things Engineering of Jiangnan University was established in 2010. It is the first offline Institute of the Internet of Things in China, boasting the cross-disciplines advantages of control, computer, electrical, electronics, and communications.

The Institute owns:

í˝ Control science and engineering postdoctoral mobile stations;

í˝ One first-level PhD degree program (control science and engineering);

í˝ Three first-level subjects master's degree programs (control science and engineering, computer science and technology, electrical engineering);

í˝ One second-level subjects master's degree program (microelectronics and solid electronics);

í˝ Five master's degree programs (control engineering, computer technology, electrical engineering, integrated circuit engineering, electronics and communications engineering).

Now the six undergraduate majors are open:

í˝Internet of Things Engineering (Ministry of Education Professional Comprehensive Pilot Reform Site, National Featured Specialty Construction Site, Ministry of Education Outstanding Engineer Education and Training Program, Jiangsu Province Key Specialty, Jiangsu Province Outstanding Engineer (Software) Education Training Program)

í˝Automation (National Featured Specialty Construction Site, Jiangsu Province Key Specialty, Jiangsu Province Brand Specialty, Jiangsu Province Outstanding Engineer (Software) Education Training Program)

í˝Computer Science and Technology (National Featured Specialty Construction Site, Jiangsu Province Key Specialty, Jiangsu Province Brand Specialty, Jiangsu Province Outstanding Engineer (Software) Education Training Program)

í˝Electrical Engineering and Automation (Jiangsu Province Key Specialty, Jiangsu Province Featured Specialty)

í˝Communication Engineering (Jiangsu Province Key Specialty, Jiangsu Province Outstanding Engineer (Software) Education Training Program)

í˝Microelectronics Science and Engineering (Jiangsu Province Key Specialty, Jiangsu Province Outstanding Engineer (Software) Education Training Program)

We have a high-quality reasonably structured teacher team, mainly young and middle-aged teachers. The team boasts more than 200 faculty members, of whom two teachers are chosen as í░The Yangtze River Scholarí▒ and í░Jiangsu Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talentí▒, seven teachers are praised as í░New Century Excellent Talentsí▒ of the Ministry of Education, 15 teachers are listed in the í░333 High-level Talent Project" and í░Qing Lan Projectí▒ and 14 teachers are listed in Six Major Talents Peak Project of Jiangsu Province. In addition, there are two Jiangsu excellent technology innovation teams. In the past three years, the Institute has obtained more than 80 national and provincial-level projects including the national í░863 Programí▒, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Jiangsu Provincial Natural Science Foundation, and more than 30 provincial and ministerial-level scientific research awards. On average, more than 50 million yuan has been collected annually. More than 300 invention patents and utility model patents and software copyrights have been applied and authorized. More than 600 high-level academic papers have been publicized in academic journals and conferences at home and abroad. A number of domestic leading achievements with widely applied values have been obtained. Some of the achievements have reached the international advanced level.

The Institute is supported by strong scientific research platform and experimental platform, including "Light Industry Process Advanced Control" Ministry of Education Key Laboratory, "Internet of Things Technology Application" Ministry of Education Engineering Research Center, "Industrial Process Intelligence Control" Innovation and Talent Recruitment Base, Internet of Things Engineering Application Research Platform (The first batch of construction units of the Science and Technology Development Center of the Ministry of Education) and other scientific research platforms; "Internet of Things Technology and Engineering" was selected as the first-phase project of the Jiangsu Provincial Advanced Discipline Construction Project, and "Control Science and Engineering" was selected as the second phase project of the Jiangsu Provincial University Advantageous Discipline Construction Project. In addition, the Institute has established National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center for í░Information and Controlí▒, Jiangsu Province Comprehensive Training Center for Internet of Things, the Jiangsu Province Electrical and Electronical Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, the College Student Innovation and Practice Base for Internet of Things, and the joint laboratory co-built by several well-known companies.

The Institute established a good personnel training mechanism and achieved fruitful results. There are more than 3,200 full-time undergraduate students and more than 800 graduate students in the school. Various scholarships and student grants such as state scholarships and inspirational scholarships have been established, and excellent student cultivation mechanisms such as Good Students, Practical Instructors, and International Exchanges have been established to encourage students to participate in scientific and technological innovation activities. Students in the Institute have won in the "Challenge Cup" National College Students Extracurricular Science and Technology Work Contest, the National Undergraduate Mathematical Modeling Contest, the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest, the Chinese University Student Service Outsourcing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest, and the China University Students IoT Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest. The Institute once obtained í░High Education Club Cupí▒, the biggest prize of the National College Mathematical Modeling Contest and Meritorious Winner of MCM/ICM. Annually, almost 200 undergraduates pursue master's degree in the domestic and overseas universities and colleges. More than a hundred undergraduates went overseas for exchange program or study. The graduates have been well acclaimed by the society for their solid theoretical foundation, strong practical innovation ability and organizational management ability.

The Institute adheres to seek support by contribution, promote development by innovation and take cultivating high-quality innovative talents as its own responsibility. It strives to enhance research and innovation and social service capabilities, and makes positive contributions to the transformation and upgrading of the regional industrial structure of the country and rapid economic development.

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